Pre and Post Tan Care

Preparing for your Spray Tan

Prior to your Tanning Session

  • Exfoliate entire body with a mild, OIL free exfoliator at least 1 day prior to your tan. The more you exfoliate before the spray tan the better.
  • Shave or Wax the day before your Spray Tan to remove any unwanted hair.

Post Spray Tan Care

This is what we ask you to do after your spray tan.

  • After your spray tan, we recommend minimum 12 hours to 24 hours  maximum, before showering for best results. Your spray tan is developing within these hours.Rapid Spray Tan you can shower 1 hour minimum, 3 hours maximum.
  • After showering, lightly pat dry your skin. Never rub your skin.

Extending the life of your tan

  • Shower with a mild shower gel.